Liquid Minerals for Animals

Companion dogs are an integral part of our lives and are considered an important member of our family. As a close bond develops with our dogs they can take on similar emotional patterns to their humans which can manifest in behavioural and physical issues. Other influences include genetics, environment and experiences.

Any kind of emotional and mental stress affects the physical body. Over the last 10 years SOE BIOREMEDIES thoroughly researched the emotional source of physical ailments. The end result is a product that helps balance emotions and promotes health and well-being....SOE LIQUID MINERALS.

SOE BIOREMEDIES have developed a specific range of Liquid Minerals for Animals to help with a variety of behavioural issues.  As a stockist of SOE Liquid Minerals we are proud to inform you that SOE is now ‘Choose Cruelty Free’ accredited and will be listed on CCF preferred product list and will be listed on their website.