Reward Based Training

shutterstock_119651296.jpgWe use modern, scientifically proven methods of learning that immediately reward your dogs when they respond to requested behaviour.. Behaviour that is rewarded will rapidly become a habit and will be remembered longer. If behaviour is ignored and not rewarded, it will diminish and eventually be extinguished

Imagine – your dog loves to jump up on you – that may be OK for you but rather intimidating when you are out in public or if there are small children or elderly visitors in your home

  • we ask you to ignore your dog when he jumps up but the minute four paws hit the ground –reward him
  • the dog will most likely jump again with a little less effort – and again we will reward him as soon as those paws hit the floor
  • soon your dog will discover that it is NOT the jumping up that is being rewarded and he will start to volunteer the behaviour that you want - four paws on the ground

agility.jpgWe would like to teach you and your family a pain free way of training that will better build the relationship between you and your dog. This we can achieve using best practice, positive, reward based methods. Our ethical stance against punishment based training is scientifically backed and the results of correctly undertaken reward based training speak for themselves.The Bridge/Reward Marker

A bridge in dog training is a signal to the dog that the behaviour he has performed has been done correctly. The bridge marks the behaviour as being correct and indicates to the dog that his reward is coming. The bridge signal can be either a word, such as ‘yes’ or a sound such as made by a clicker or by the use of a small whistle. The bridge can be used successfully when introducing new behaviours and when helping a timid dog to cope in a stressful situation.