Our Team

coco_small.jpgour Partners in Training

We truly hope that by the time you get to read about us, that you have a strong feeling and appreciation for who we are and what we stand for –

  •  we LOVE dogs

we are your partners – once we have identified and agreed to our joint goals for you and your pet we will guide, nurture, tutor and mentor you throughout your training

Our People


Supporting Bodil and sharing her passion and values is a group of experienced, dedicated and qualified instructors and assistants, who are active in the behavioural training and pet dog training fraternity in Australia, regularly attending educational conferences, seminars and workshops.

Instructors who are all certified behavioural trainers are:

  • Susanne Eckert
  • Bev Clark
  • Petra Edwards
  • Sharon Hobbs
  • Felice Case
  • Kate Denman
  • Naoko Takata

Assistants who are in the process of attaining their qualifications are:

  • Charne Roussow
  • Bom van Huesden
  • Shaylee Howson
  • Denisse Rojas
  • Jeannine Lampe
  • Carolyn Mooz

Our Support Instructors and Assistants

Supporting us is a group of dedicated and qualified instructors, as well as assistants, some of whom are in the process of obtaining their Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services or other highly recognised qualifications.  All share our passion and values and are a wonderful group of people dedicated to bringing a much closer relationship between owners and their dogs.

As a Team

We have a shared commitment.

  • we are totally committed to teaching owners how to train their dogs in a kind, humane way.  Through our experience we know that this will ultimately improve their human – animal bond and their quality of life – by opening up a broad and exciting range of new experiences.

We never stop learning.

  • through our affiliation with The Delta Institute, The Pet Professional Guild and the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals, we have access to the most updated information and studies around behavioural training for dogs.  We will constantly review the content and delivery of our training programs as new information and tested practices come to hand,
  • most of our team are members of some or all of the following, The Delta Institute, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia, the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals and The Pet Professional Guild and are pro-active in the behavioural training and pet dog training fraternity in Australia and regularly attend conferences and seminars etc. to ensure best practice methods are used.

Our Mission

To work with you and your pet dog/s to endeavour to understand your needs and to identify which of our programs and services will:

  • help to build and reinforce positive and consistent behaviours in your pet dog in all social situations
  • help to arm you with the knowledge and skills you require to build a strong belief in yourself as a truly competent, confident and responsible pet dog owner
  • help to provide a foundation of trust and respect resulting in a closer human - animal bond.


Our Philosophy

We take a philosophical and holistic approach to our training. We acknowledge that your pet dogs:

  • history
  • exercise
  • genetic pre-disposition

are not mutually exclusive and impact in varying degrees on your pet dog’s behaviour and learning ability.

Our Code of Ethics

As a team we are united behind the desire for professionalism in what we do. To this end we follow the Code of Ethics as set down by the Delta Institute, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia and the Pet Professional Guild.