Behavioural Consultations

How do I know if my dog has a “behavioural” issue?

shutterstock_52959625.jpgFirstly, it is important to tell you that behavioural issues can not be managed appropriately in a group situation.

Over the years we have found the most common behavioural issues with which we deal fall into one or more of the following categories

  • Excessive barking
  • reactivity towards other dogs
  • reactivity towards humans
  • jumping and/or digging to escape from your yard
  •  isolation or separation anxiety

If you are nodding your head and have mentally ticked one or more then you and your dog most likely would benefit immensely from our help.

We tailor our training specifically to your dog’s behaviours and your needs.

Every dog will have a particular “unique nuance” around its behaviour issue – and it is this nuance that is vital for us to identify in order to prepare a tailored training program just for you.  The program we design will be very much addressed at the behaviour and the outcomes you are wanting.

All our team are qualified in behavioural training. We each enjoy working with our clients to see our hard work helping to build a brighter future for our clients and their pet dogs.

If your dog needs more help.

We work with, and have access to, some of our industry’s pre-eminent experts in behavioural assessment and training.  So if there are times when it becomes apparent that a pet dog needs more than our behavioural trainers can offer we will recommend a course of action to you.  This may include:

  • referral to other professionals such as Veterinarians or Veterinary Behaviourists when appropriate
  • guiding you in implementing management or retraining programs
  • providing written reports to relevant parties if requested.

These services are often provided in consultation with or at the request of other professionals such as Council Dog Management Officers, Veterinarians, Veterinary Behaviourists and Mediation Officers.