SENSE-ation Dog Harness

Enhanced Front-Connection harness. The Girth Strap (bottom strap) provides extra comfort, made of custom NWP polyester webbing. Short Coat dogs especially benefit from the soft and pliable girth strap.


SENSE-ible Dog Harness

Economical Front-Connection harness. Same quality as SENSE-sation but without the custom NWP webbing.


Dog Leads

A dog lead is a very effective training tool to teach your dog to come when called while at the same time giving your dog freedom and until a reliable recall has been taught.

Brand: Puppingtons and Generic

Puppingtons available in 15mm (black, purple, pink, blue and aqua) and 25mm (Black, purple and aqua)

Generic available in 9, 6, 4.5 metre in black only


Blackdog Treat Tote

A Wide Mouth, Magnetic Close Tote for holding food treats while training.