In Home Training

5 Great Reasons to Train at Home

RTEmagicC_6540966bf7.jpg.jpgIf you are:

  1. Unsure of how your dog will react in a “group” situation with other dogs.
    In the security of your own home – we can better equip your dog with the skills he requires for a more confident transition into group training

  2. Not confident about handling your dog in a “group” situation.
    We will work with you and share our knowledge and skills in order for you to gain in competence and confidence in your dog management skills

  3. Aware your dog has a behavioural issue such as resource guarding or over protectiveness of you.
    One on one training will enable assessment of the seriousness of the problem and whether or not your dog can be helped by us or may need referral to a veterinary behaviourist. Yours dog's suitability for group training can also be assessed at this time.
  4. Unable to make one of the scheduled training sessions.
    We will work with you to find a time that suits us all

  5. Not able to attend a group session due to lack of mobility or ill- health. 
    In-home training is the answer and will also provide a rewarding social interaction for you and your dog

How Long is a Private Session?

After initially assessing your dog - we like to allocate a two hour session depending on your needs and the objectives we set together.

On-going Support.

We often find following In-Home Training that the dogs and their owners are ready for group training.   However, in those instances where they are not, we can continue private sessions.

If we perceive more serious continued behavioural issues we will recommend additional one-on-one training or refer you to a Veterinarian or Veterinary Behaviourist.