Small Group Classes

Which training for your dog?

  • Junior Puppy – age range 3 –6mths
  • Senior Puppy –age range 6- 12mths
  • Beginner - 12mths+
  • Canine Companion – dogs that have already completed a course with us

What you and your dog will love about our training!

  • the thorough approach we take to the pre-assessment of your dog – which guides us in setting training objectives together with you and selecting the right training session
  • we limit the number of dogs in any group
  • our modern, gentle “force free, reward based” training
  • our courses comprise of 7 one hour lessons over a 7 week period
  • your dog will learn the new behaviours as identified in our initial assessment and have existing good behaviours reinforced
  • we will share with you the skills to continue on this exciting journey with your dog
  • by adhering to our guidelines you experience the unrelenting joys of being responsible,  happy and confident members of any social situation you find yourself in

What if small group training is not for me?

We do not have a “one size fits all approach”.  We value the individual characteristics and needs of each dog and owner and will work with you to achieve your goals. If, after assessing your dog and considering the behavioural goals you wish to achieve with him, we feel that small group training is not the service your require, we will recommend a training solution that , in our professional experience, will best suit your and your dog.

These may include :

  • one-on-on training – this is perfect for dogs that are not well socialised with other dogs, are timid or who have “novice” owners who want to learn the ropes together with their dog
  • in home training – If difficult to attend regular classes or your dog needs some basic skills before joining a group class, a private session is recommended
  • private behavioural issue sessions – where we work with you to get to the core of the behavioural issues that are causing problems in you life with your dog

Where and when do we train small groups?

Burnside Primary School – High St Burnside
Sunday mornings (map)
9am and 10.30am  

Blackwood Scout Hall – 288 Main Rd Blackwood
Saturday mornings  (map)
9am only